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    New RCT 1 scenarios!

    March 13, 2012 by Sucinum

    I am currently working on a small campaign for RCT 1 (LL), consisting of 6-10 scenarios (yet to be determinded). The first two are already done and you are invited to join a public playtesting, disguised as story: Clinch in den Coaster Castles

    Even if you can't read german, there's a lot of pictures teasing the handmade landscape and my attempt to beat my own scenario. :)

    About my scenarios: Even though Loopy Landscapes already offered a lot of different goals and obstacles, I really tried to come up with some new ones (or new combinations of already used ones). I also use handcrafted landscapes and will use the whole variety of imagination and design tools I have available (and try to avoid that the scenarios look like an exploded paint fac…

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  • Sucinum

    General Scenario Guide

    January 11, 2012 by Sucinum

    Draft of a new page to reduce redundancy in scenario guides.

    • The first step in a new park is to pause the game and have a look on your park. You can set up a few things as long as the game is paused and get a general overview.
    • Many scenarios already have prebuilt paths. Be sure to block off unused paths so your guests don't get lost. Avoid long walks and dead ends, so your guests don't have to wander around aimlessly.
    • Also check for Path Items to make sure there are enough benches (every 3-5 tiles) and litter bins (every 10-12 tiles).
    • You need enough Staff to keep your park running and clean. Set patrol areas to coordinate your handymen, while mechanics are usually good to run around freely (unless your park is kind of mazy).
    • A handymen can kee…

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