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RollerCoaster Tycoon

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The emblem of the scenario – featuring the Park Inspector himself… almost desperate from the sight of the chaos of broken stuff and weeds, with the silhouette of the neglected scenery castle and even more broken stuff in the background.


Here's an amusement park that shows what happens when good coasters go bad. Can you turn a handyman's special into a moneymaking machine? With lots of TLC and attention to detail, you've got a shot, but use your resources wisely or you'll be the only one being taken for a ride.

The Money Pit is the 17th scenario in RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

Pre-built Rides

  • Bob's Bucking Broncos (Bucking Bull)
    • Excitement Rating: 2.90 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 2.70 (Medium)
    • Nausea Rating: 2.74 (Medium)
  • Buffalo Roundup (Buffalo Roundabout)
    • Excitement Rating: 2.80 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 0.62 (Low)
    • Nausea Rating: 0.75 (Low)
  • Calamity Mine (Mine Drop Ride)
    • Excitement Rating: 2.88 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 2.68 (Medium)
    • Nausea Rating: 2.54 (Low)
  • Explosive Swinger (TNT Vortex)
    • Excitement Rating: 4.64 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 4.65 (Medium)
    • Nausea Rating: 5.76 (High)
  • Queen Anne's Revenge (Pirate Ship)
    • Excitement Rating: 2.13 (Low)
    • Intensity Rating: 2.45 (Low)
    • Nausea Rating: 2.51 (Low)
  • Saucy Sal's (Wild West show)
    • Excitement Rating: 2.90 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 0.74 (Low)
    • Nausea Rating: 0.00 (Low)
  • Slippery Snake (Snake Helter-skelter)
    • Excitement Rating: 1.93 (Low)
    • Intensity Rating: 1.18 (Low)
    • Nausea Rating: 1.90 (Low)
  • Sultans Magic Carpet (Flying Carpet)
    • Excitement Rating: 3.50 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 3.38 (Medium)
    • Nausea Rating: 4.38 (Medium)
  • Terror Spinner (Double Swinging Inverter)
    • Excitement Rating: 3.92 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 5.44 (High)
    • Nausea Rating: 4.78 (Medium)
  • The Avenger (Giga Coaster) (Incomplete)
  • TNT Barrel (Rotovator)
    • Excitement Rating: 4.40 (Medium)
    • Intensity Rating: 4.60 (Medium)
    • Nausea Rating: 5.84 (High)
  • Wagon Wheel (Western Wheel)
    • Excitement Rating: 2.10 (Low)
    • Intensity Rating: 1.83 (Low)
    • Nausea Rating: 0.55 (Low)

Pre-Built Shops/Stalls

  • Golden Nugget Candy 01 (Golden Nugget Candy)
  • Root Beer 01 (Root Beer)
  • Sheriff Balloons 01 (Sherriff Balloons)
  • Western Hats 01 (Western Hats)



  • VIP (Joe Sluggerball)
    • Arrives 21 June
    • Litter tolerance: High 
  • Total monthly ride income: $200.00, Sustained for at least 1 month
  • Reward: Large amount of cash ($10,000.00)


  • VIP (Joe Sluggerball)
    • Arrives 18 March
    • Litter tolerance: Medium 
  • Total monthly ride income: $600.00, Sustained for at least 2 months
  • Reward: Research boost


  • VIP (Joe Sluggerball)
    • Arrives 6 April
    • Litter tolerance: Low
  • Total monthly ride income: $1000.00
  • Reward: Blue Rattler (Standup Twister Coaster)

Scenario Guide

The scenario guide can be viewed here.

Available Rides

Roller Coasters






  • Western Wheel
  • Wild West show





Available Shops/Stalls

Food Stalls

  • Golden Nugget Candy
  • Steakhouse

Drink Stalls

  • Coconut Drinks
  • Root Beer

Souvenir Stalls

  • Sheriff Balloons
  • Western Hats


Researched Rides

Available Scenery

Researched Scenery

Other Notes

This park has two entrances, one in the western themed section and another in the adventure themed section.

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