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This project aims to:

  • Compile information on all pre-created rides in RCT1, 2 and 3 (including expansions)
  • Create pages for rides that currently do not have pages
  • Highlight notable pre-designed rides (such as Agoraphobia/Claustrophobia)
  • Assist the Scenario Project in providing information on rides available in scenarios.
  • Add all rides to their respective categories


Create new Articles
  • Using the rides list available here, create pages for all scenarios that currently lack a page.
  • Edit the Complete Rides List to link to rides that currently do not have a page.
Update Articles
  • Add relevant information regarding rides that already have pages
  • Include notable rides available for a specific type of ride (e.g. Claustrophobia is available for Steel Roller Coasters in RCT)
  • Include information on typical height restrictions, special building conditions, special ride objects, etc.
  • Add images of rides
  • Combine articles where necessary or logical to do so, or set up some method of connecting rides that have different names in different games (e.g. Steel Coasters vs Looping Coasters)
  • Use categories similar to ride types used in the games (gentle rides, transport rides, water rides, etc.)
  • If a ride fits in more than one category, include it in all relevant categories.
Clean up
  • Bring pages in line with the Manual of Style (MoS)
  • Clean up spelling and grammar, improve sentence structure throughout.
  • Fix broken templates, links, and pages.

Applicable Articles

  • All articles found on this list: Rides List
  • Any article that is not on this list, that should be.

Applicable Categories and Templates