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Ancient Dynamics

Since 2005

Greetings, and welcome to Ancient Dynamics! This is the ride exchange page of Androgeos Exeunt and features several ride designs created over the past decade.

In operation since 2005, Ancient Dynamics prides itself in manufacturing crash-proof, semi-compact track designs.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

The Abyss

Picture AD-TheAbyss
Ride Type Vertical Drop Roller Coaster
Cost $43,281
Size 17 x 22
Train / Car Set 18 guests x 9 trains
First Appearance Cloudburst Creek
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
8.95 9.10 5.12
Description Extremely tall (and expensive) ride design. Conceived as a towering vertical coaster design with a high guest capacity. The Abyss is Ancient Dynamics' first attempt at designing a compact track with more than 4 block sections. Features 17 drops, 2 inversions and over 7 seconds of 'air' time. Up to 6 of its 9 trains can run concurrently on the 11-block circuit, giving The Abyss a maximum capacity of 96 guests at any one time. Exorbitant construction cost limits the use of this design to park managers who are already turning huge profits in a developed park and are looking for ride designs to sink their funds into.
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Picture AD-Botany
Ride Type LIM Launched Roller Coaster
Cost $13,801
Size 16 x 15
Train / Car Set 28 guests x 1 train
First Appearance Gemini City
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
6.98 8.45 5.54
Description This LIM Launched Roller Coaster Design was designed specifically to use up an entire building plot near the back of Gemini City. It is named after two levels in Tyrian 2000 (which is a legendary freeware scrolling shooter) and inspired, to some extent, by real-life urban parks, as well as Gemini City being a large built environment, which is why the scenery objects that are included in the track design file are mostly organic entities and alien structures. Its low seating capacity is offset by its short ride time.
Uses Future Themeing objects.
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Carmenta's Blessing

Picture AD-CarmentasBlessing
Ride Type Roto-Drop
Cost $6,652
Size 9 x 9
Train / Car Set 16 guests
First Appearance Cloudburst Creek
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
6.68 8.92 8.92
Description Referencing the eponymous leader of the Camenae of Roman mythology, this ride design includes waterfalls as tall as the main tower and some extra gardens and cypress trees for effect.
Uses Classical/Roman Themeing objects.
Uses Water Feature Themeing objects.
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Cave Canem

Picture AD-CaveCanem
Ride Type Log Flume
Cost $6,238
Size 17 x 14
Train / Car Set 4 guests x 15 logs
First Appearance Cloudburst Creek
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
5.82 2.72 1.47
Description The name of this ride means "Beware of the dog" in Latin and bears little context in relation to the track design itself. A medium-capacity log flume design that utilises several Classical/Roman Themeing objects. This design can accommodate up to 60 guests at any one time. Similar to Phalanx, Cave Canem was not originally intended to be used beyond the park it first appeared in, but its excellent ride statistics when coupled with scenery objects far exceeded expectations.
Uses Classical/Roman Themeing objects.
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Critical Mass

Picture AD-CriticalMass
Ride Type Inverted Impulse Coaster
Cost $8,996
Size 30 x 8
Train / Car Set 20 guests
First Appearance Ayers Adventure
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
5.95 7.09 5.15
Description What was originally supposed to be an experiment to reduce the amount of vertical Gs a rider experiences on an Inverted Impulse Coaster evolved into a rather decent coaster design with equally decent ride statistics. This Inverted Impulse Coaster design gets its name from the fact that running the train empty around the track may occasionally result in a rollback just before the second drop.
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Diesel Twister

Picture AD-DieselTwister
Ride Type Mine Train Coaster
Cost $29,246
Size 28 x 14
Train / Car Set 22 guests x 6 trains
First Appearance Cloudburst Creek
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
6.80 8.90 6.68
Description This track layout was drawn up based more closely on the block circuit layout of The Abyss following lessons learnt from the deployment of Supercircus, and test runs of it have sent strong indications that the revised block circuit layout it uses is a step in the right direction, although by no means perfect. Diesel Twister has an 8-block circuit as compared to Supercirus' 15, but the trains on Diesel Twister are longer and the track was purposely designed to ensure that most of its trains are running on the track in tandem, so its actual maximum guest capacity is much higher—110 guests compared to Supercircus' 42. This track layout does have its drawbacks, however. While its profile is quite a bit narrower than Supercircus', it is also noticeably longer. Furthermore, in the process of refining the track layout to ensure that no train spends too much time stationary mid-ride, the initial excitement rating of Diesel Twister fell by 0.24 points to its stated excitement rating here. Finally, compromises were made to make the track as compact as it could be, resulting in Diesel Twister having one less drop and many more banked turns than Supercircus has, giving it a considerably higher nausea rating.
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Picture AD-Ferrodrome
Ride Type Steel Twister Roller Coaster
Cost $21,344
Size 34 x 12
Train / Car Set 28 guests x 3 trains
First Appearance Cloudburst Creek
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
8.08 7.11 4.16
Description This is a single three-station dueling layout inspired by ancient hippodromes and modern-day velodromes; in fact, this track design's working name was "Velodrome". The initial version of this design held great promise and was first built at Cloudburst Creek; it was subsequently refined when a park mechanic accidentally discovered that changing the ride's operating mode eliminated its technical glitch of stalling following a complete failure (and repair) of all ride brakes. The incarnation of Ferrodrome provided here features a reworked station layout, some new scenery objects and a modified return approach to the station, but still features three trains racing each other at speeds so low, they can barely make it around the track.
Uses Classical/Roman Themeing objects.
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Glade Runner

Picture AD-GladeRunner
Ride Type Junior Roller Coaster
Cost $6,409
Size 27 x 17
Train / Car Set 18 guests x 3 trains
First Appearance Over The Edge
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
5.22 5.40 3.81
Description This track design was first built around the existing forested area in a theme park located near Victoria Falls, although some de- and re-forestation works were inevitably carried out. Features 105 seconds of large, sweeping turns and drops as well as a 4-block circuit that can support three 9-car trains running in tandem for a maximum guest capacity of 54 guests. Its C-shaped profile also allows for smaller rides to be built within the alcove or interlocking with other tracked rides. The main downside of this design is its construction cost, which approaches $6,500—a huge amount for a Junior Roller Coaster. The track file provided here only includes the jungle-themed shelter built at the mid-circuit block section.
Requires Jungle Themeing objects.
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Gold Rattler

Picture AD-GoldRattler
Ride Type Wooden Wild Mouse
Cost $7,407
Size 14 x 8
Train / Car Set 4 guests x 8 trains
First Appearance Cloudburst Creek
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
7.53 8.98 5.13
Description Gold Rattler is a relatively compact track design created with the intention of pushing the Wooden Wild Mouse coaster type to its specified limits. It is designed to bleed off the speed of each train through sheer ride length alone such that they will always enter the station well below the 48 km/h crash threshold. The original design was never used in any park before it was further developed by Ancient Dynamics. Changes consisted of an extension to the final segment of the ride, so that it now twists and turns below and around—instead of merely orbit—the earlier segments (which therefore increases ride length and causes the trains to bleed off even more speed) before connecting to the station platform, as well as moving the ride entrance and exit to more strategic positions, such that constructing a pathway out, while retaining a decent queue path length, requires either going above or below the final section of the ride, which almost always translates into a slight boost for the ride's excitement rating. Amazingly, despite these modifications, Ancient Dynamics was still able to reduce the length and width of the entire track profile by one tile of space, making it even more compact despite increasing ride length. The refined track design was first used in conjunction with several Support Structures and Mine Themeing objects (that do not come as standard with the track design) in Cloudburst Creek.
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Picture AD-Juno
Ride Type Giga Coaster
Cost $92,173
Size 12 x 49
Train / Car Set 36 guests x 4 trains
First Appearance Six Flags
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
10.85 8.91 5.80
Description Juno is one of Ancient Dynamics' more ambitious track designs and attempts to combine an incremental upgrade to Sandstorm's 4-block circuit with an extremely tall and long but still somewhat narrow profile and a considerable amount of Classical/Roman Themeing objects. The end result is an amazing design comprising nearly 3500 m of track that includes a 119 m drop, a top speed of just over 180 km/h, nearly 15.00 seconds of 'air time' and a 6-block circuit optimised to ensure that all of its 4 trains are always in use, giving Juno an actual ride capacity of 144 guests. Due to its massive drops, which rival modern wind turbines in terms of height, Juno is highly visible and impossible to ignore regardless of where it is built in a park; guests will head towards it like moths to a flame (and check out the other rides around it in the process). These perks are matched by its staggering construction cost—the scenery items that are included with Juno cost more than some small roller coasters on their own—but there aren't that many other similar ride designs at its scale that are as compact as it is and/or offer nearly as much drawing power.
Uses Classical/Roman Themeing objects.
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Picture AD-Phalanx
Ride Type Floorless Roller Coaster
Cost $19,231
Size 36 x 15
Train / Car Set 32 guests x 3 trains
First Appearance Infernal Views
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
7.86 7.47 4.21
Description This high-capacity design was originally named "Phoenix", in response to Andy Hine's remarks about a mythical ride of the same name, and was created as part of Ancient Dynamics' research into the construction of block sectioned circuits. Despite being a "prototype" of sorts, the original design, while not very compact, was still deemed a cost-effective design given its above average ride ratings and was subsequently refined further, even after the organisation shifted towards building more compact track designs. The current version of Phalanx, shown here, has its chain lift speed reduced slightly to provide for a seamless ride on this 4-block circuit and adds Martian Themeing objects, including Infernal View's volcano trio (sans fire), into the mix, giving it a modest boost to its ride ratings.
Uses Martian Themeing objects.
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Roller Skater & Jungle Japes

Roller Skater Jungle Japes
Picture AD-RollerSkater AD-JungleJapes
Ride Type Junior Roller Coaster
Cost $4,488 $5,684
Size 21 x 17 24 x 19
Train / Car Set 18 guests x 3 trains
First Appearance Great Wall of China Ayers Adventure
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea Excitement Intensity Nausea
4.67 5.66 3.80 4.76 5.42 3.65
Description These two tracks are loose clones of the 335-metre Family Coaster designed by Vekoma Rides Manufacturing. They are relatively airy designs with plenty of space above, under and in between the running rails for placement of scenery/themeing or interlocking with other rides. The initial version of Roller Skater was given different cars, a new paint job and renamed Jungle Japes after a more compact clone was created, with the latter inheriting the Roller Skater name.
Jungle Japes uses cars from the Wacky Worlds expansion pack.
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Picture AD-Sandstorm
Ride Type Floorless Roller Coaster
Cost $20,840
Size 27 x 11
Train / Car Set 32 guests x 3 trains
First Appearance Gemini City
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
7.44 7.13 3.94
Description This is a high-capacity, semi-compact 4-block circuit design featuring two barrel rolls and a large vertical loop that interlocks with a helix. The amount of empty space at ground level means that this design can be used alongside most scenery/theming objects (an example of this is shown in the picture; the actual track design file does not include usage of any scenery objects). The successful testing and deployment of Sandstorm concluded Ancient Dynamics' study into block sectioned circuits and greatly influenced the organisation's design philosophies for all subsequent coaster designs, spurring and securing the future development of semi-compact, multi-block circuits under the organisation. It is generally regarded by Ancient Dynamics to be their magnum opus for this reason.
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Sewer Rat

Picture AD-SewerRat
Ride Type Wooden Wild Mouse
Cost $2,486
Size 10 x 7
Train / Car Set 2 guests x 10 cars
First Appearance Ivory Towers
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
6.00 7.22 4.08
Description Redevelopment of the infamous Ivory Towers theme park hit a snag near the end of Year 2. With much of the park's land either occupied by other rides or deemed too uneven to build rides on, the decision was made to expand into the space above the large lake. Plans for a Dinghy Slide to be built on the water were never realised as feasibility tests revealed that the limited space did not permit the construction of a ride design that was cost-effective while achieving decent ride statistics, so a different approach was needed with a different kind of ride. Attention was thus drawn to the (at the time) newly-researched Wooden Wild Mouse, which features hairpin corners and steep hills—in other words, a prime choice for construction in a cramped environment. It was theorised that a simple, incredibly cheap Wooden Wild Mouse track design could be made to emulate the same physical forces on larger, more complex track designs, resulting in a ride that was nearly as exciting as a design such as Gold Rattler, but costing only a fraction. With limited time to work on such a design, the new ride's layout could be considered tame at best—it had a low top speed of just 40 km/h, and the curves and drops were unevenly distributed, being more concentrated towards the first half of the ride. However, its exceptional ride statistics proved the aforementioned theory of a super-compact track design being able to at least partially emulate the excitement and intensity of a more expensive ride and/or track design. The icing on the cake is that the track's station platform was relatively long given its overall ride length, so despite its low seating capacity, it could make just as much money as a larger, more complex design by virtue of being able to launch its two-seater cars at a blistering rate of 1 car every 2 seconds. This meant a queue line that was perpetually moving, and a ride that made nearly $8,800 an hour in peak conditions—approximately $1,000 more per hour than the much larger Hurricane. All this, from a ride that only costs about $2,500 to build.
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Storm Drain

Picture AD-StormDrain
Ride Type Dinghy Slide
Cost $8,397
Size 8 x 25
Train / Car Set 2 guests x 15 boats
First Appearance Cloudburst Creek
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
5.54 5.41 3.56
Description A special park like Cloudburst Creek, which is notorious for its volatile weather, demands an equally special ride design that references its climate while still remaining compact enough for it to fit into most other land plots rather nicely. Storm Drain fulfils these requirements admirably, with its track profile taking up only 8 tiles of space at its widest, even with accompanying scenery objects built. Its extremely compact coil-like track layout was achieved by making liberal use of S-bends where necessary; this, coupled with the scenery objects that come with it, gives it a respectable excitement rating that exceeds its intensity rating. Although its maximum guest capacity is low—only 30 guests—and its ride time exceeds 2 minutes, there are enough boats to ensure that two passengers depart the station every 6 seconds.
Uses Water Feature Themeing objects.
Increases sign count by 1.
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Picture AD-Supercircus
Ride Type Mine Train Coaster
Cost $26,660
Size 21 x 21
Train / Car Set 14 guests x 11 trains
First Appearance Six Flags
Ride Ratings (Approximate) Excitement Intensity Nausea
6.83 8.90 6.10
Description This non-conventional design was an experiment by Ancient Dynamics to expand on the running block design that was first used on The Abyss. In this regard, while Supercircus has more block sections—15 versus The Abyss's 11—it fails to make full use of its 11 trains, so its actual maximum capacity is only 42 guests at any one time. Park managers intending to build Supercircus in a giant pit are strongly advised to have lots of cash—equal to double the design's construction cost—lest they run out of funds during excavation works. While Supercircus did not realise the concept of a semi-compact roller coaster that could have more than 4 trains running simultaneously, lessons learnt from its design and deployment at Six Flags would lead to the development of Diesel Twister.
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