Wooden building with crooked rooms designed to disorientate people walking through it. Categorized as an indoor ride.

Available types

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Crooked House RCT2 Icon

Crooked House
(Crooked House)
Added Attractions

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Fun House RCT2 Icon

Fun House
(Crooked House)
(Rock 'n' Roll)
Time Twister

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Hall of Mirrors RCT2 Icon

Hall of Mirrors
(Crooked House)
Time Twister

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Haunted Jail House RCT2 Icon

Haunted Jail House
(Crooked House)
(Roaring Twenties)
Time Twister

Other Information

Has a reasonable (in terms of Gentle Rides) excitement rating and low intensity and nausea ratings. Because this attraction is classified as an indoor ride, guests will flock to it during the rainy days. Best price for the Crooked House is between $0.50 and $1.50.


  • The Crooked House will never break down, and therefore does not need a mechanic. However, like the Maze, its reliability will still decrease over time.
  • Like the Haunted House, this ride's popularity decreases rather quickly after opening. Aside from rebuilding it often, the only ways to maintain the ride's popularity over time are to eventually charge as little as 10¢ to 50¢ for admission or make it free for guests.
  • This ride has an operating cost of only $28.80 per hour, the lowest of any in the game.
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